Sustainable KPI

project overview

administrator; producer

multi -policy community development:
finance, economic development, food, agriculture, education, culture

about Sustainable KPI:
The mission of Sustainable KPI is to build consensus around key performance indicators (KPI) utilized by stakeholders across a range of investment tracks and community development partnerships.

Despite often implicitly shared value systems, there is a lack of consensus amongst stakeholders around how to more explicitly evaluate “Sustainability” factors when performing relative due diligence, and deciding whether to place funds. Similarly, after a funding decision has been made, there is a similar lack of consensus around shared metrics to track the intended goals. The situation is exacerbated by complex projects that require diverse capital sources with equally diverse guidelines and/or diligence procedures.

By gathering public and private funders, policy-makers and enterprises to review and settle upon a set of sustainability KPI, a “Shared Value” evaluation tool can be used during the various phases of a project, including predevelopment, due diligence and success tracking after the placement of capital. The evaluation tools are intended to not only facilitate greater collaboration between public and private sectors, increase investment opportunities, and shared metrics of “sustainable” businesses, but result in more sustainable community development as well.