Seth Coston

Executive Staff / Treasurer

Seth Coston has over 14 year of experience working in residential and commercial real estate as an Asset Manager, Director of Operations, and Property Manager. Currently he is part of the team overseeing the development of 50 West Street, a 64 story new construction, luxury condo, and also an Asset Manager for condo conversions at Time Equities, Inc. During his career he has managed condominiums, cooperatives, and rental properties ranging in size from about 200 units to 5 units. He also has worked as a project manager and construction supervisor for numerous projects. These projects include large-scale exterior restorations, boiler and HVAC replacements, full window replacements, elevator modernizations, common area upgrades, and well over 100 apartment renovations. A significant number of these construction projects have involved obtaining Landmark Preservation Commission approvals.

He is also an executive board member of Placeful, a non-profit community real estate development company with a mission of fostering community space, and a member of the board of directors of the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice, an organization that advocates for criminal justice reforms particularly for the mentally ill. Seth also serves professionally on 8 coop and condo boards and has been the condo board Treasurer for the building in which his family resides for 8 years.