placeful. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to foster investment in community space through socially responsible partnerships in finance, agriculture, education and the arts. We believe that creative placemaking is key to our process and requires a combination of community empowerment, socially responsible real estate procedures and public-private finance for long term community benefit. Our activities include community development, real estate development, and providing consulting services to projects that are committed to community infrastructure through financial, nutritional, educational and/or cultural programs and services.

A core principle of our work is promoting values of “sustainability” within the practices and partnerships of community development. Generally speaking, we believe “sustainable” practices use triple bottom line standards when assessing development: accounting for social, environmental and financial outcomes in any measure of success. By extension, we believe that “sustainable development” must recognize the deep interdependence of economic, environmental and social issues in our communities, without weakening the land, water, air, natural and cultural resources upon which our communities are reliant. In practical terms, this means spending the time necessary to cultivating public-private partnerships between communities, practitioners, small businesses and developers to identify, align, and invest in the challenges and opportunities they face. This means spending time with residents to learn from and facilitate their “pride of place” – however unfamiliar it may be. This is the work we do.

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